The first rays of the son
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Aahana (the first rays of the sun) – Early Identification and Intervention

CST’s unique assessment program – free, comprehensive, high quality assessment of newborns in the NICU at the Coimbatore medical college(CMC), identification of 280 babies in a 60 assessment visits and subsequent relevant intervention and follow-up by a team of therapist has created a new demand for ongoing EI services in Coimbatore. Affordable, accessible EI is unavailable in most parts of the target district. The beneficiaries are the families of children with multiple disabilities who have attended AAHANA project. The project will give that precious opportunity for the vulnerable children by training parents and area health workers, making their social/educational inclusion more feasible. The approach was chosen bearing in mind families’ inability to travel any distance to avail of therapy for their children; as well as limited funding and acute scarcity of professionals.

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